Product Introduction:

Duplicate RFID Key Fob operating frequency: 125KHZ

Read/write characteristics: 2-5cm (based on the reader)

Colors and sizes: a variety of options, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Special process: can be screen printing pattern, can spray ID code serial number.

Duplicate RFID Key Fob normally no engraved number printing on the surface.

Need to use a copy machine to write the id number.

Built-in 5200 chip.

Product Parameters
Product name Duplicate RFID Key Fob
Size 55*32mm
Chip 5200
Frequency 125Khz
Protocol ISO7814/5
Working life 100,000 times
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Weight 0.007KG
Readding distance 2~5cm
Memory 363 bits

Duplicate RFID Key Fob

Duplicate RFID Key Fob



Carton size:38*20*28cm


Duplicate RFID Key FobDuplicate RFID Key Fob


Q:What is the after sales service?
A:Our factory do 100% products QC to ensure 100% products are perfect quality before shipment.
Any products are defect after shipment, we are sure to replace them.
What’s more, We are responsible for every products we sell.
If any after sales problems, we would be here to solve it ASAP.

Q:what can you buy from us?
A:Key Fob,Smart Card,Animal Ear Tag,TM Tag,Blocking Cards

Q: why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
A: Advanced equipment, experienced R&D team. 2. Enough cheap labour cost in Hunan province, big support from local government, result in lower cost 3. We have our own mould equipment, special mould is ok. 4. Experienced sales team, good customer service.

Duplicate RFID Key Fob

How to Use:

Read ID card/keyfob (TK4100/EM4100,etc.)

Write ID can be copied to the card/keyfob (5200,T5577/EM4305 etc.)

1. Prepare the original card or key fob to be copied.

2. Read the original card or key fob number.

3. Replace the copy card and press the “write card”Key,show that the card is written successfully.

4. It can be used after successful replication. 

Kindly tips:

If there is a copy technology, there is an anti-copy technology, and there is no 100% success rate for cracking the copy technology.

95% of the cards on the market can be copied. This product is only used for lost card, replacement card and backup.

Do not use it for illegal acts, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences! 


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