Crazy Horse Leather Signal Blocking Bag

Product name:Crazy Horse Leather Signal Blocking Bag
Package:Free opp bag


Product Introduction:

Crazy horse leather is an abbreviation for a leather-making process, popularly called mad cowhide in Taiwan, and oil-impregnated leather in China. The hand feels smooth, and the skin will change color when pushed by hand. The material is mainly the first layer of cowhide embryo, which belongs to the middle and high-end leather.

Smooth oil-dipped leather:

The oily leather during the manufacturing process makes it soft, wrinkle-resistant, and water-repellent.

Frosted oil dipped leather:

The matte oil-impregnated leather also has the characteristics of smooth oil-impregnated leather, which is particularly comfortable.

It is breathable like the skin, although it has a certain degree of water resistance, it should be avoided as much as possible, and it should be wiped dry immediately if it gets wet.

This crazy horse leather smart car key bag is not only high-luxury and beautiful, shock-resistant and anti-drop, but also wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and fully surrounds and protects your smart car keys.

Prevent the signal of the smart car key from being copied and stolen.

Specific Size:

Crazy Horse Leather Signal Blocking Bag

Crazy Horse Leather Signal Blocking BagCrazy Horse Leather Signal Blocking Bag

Crazy Horse Leather Signal Blocking Bag

Inner layer,When placed in the inner layer, the signal

can be completely shielded to prevent scanning and electronic in formation leakage.

Outer layer,When placed in the outer layer, it can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation, and the shielding value reaches 90. 999%, which is the best product for pregnant women.

FRID signals block nano-shiele materials to protect your card' s security system frahackers. Protect your personal and financial data by preventing RFID scanners and cand readers from detecting the card' s the card' s RFID signals.


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