Product Introduction:

New ABS Waterproof material, Small and exquisite shape, easy carried keychain, Waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, durable material,Multiple color style options ,Appearance can be customized according to customers.

Imported smart chip with high sensitivity, high performance, stability and long service life.

Widely used in a variety of occasions: family hotel access control, public entrance gates, community access control.

Product Parameters:

Model Tag3
Size 40*32*4mm
Chip Compatible 
Working frequency 13.56mhz
Reading distance 2-5cm(based on the reader)
Working temperature -40℃~75℃
Material ABS+High purity copper
Working life 100,000 times
Package 100pcs/bag
GW 7KG/1000pcs
Working model Passive no battery

Compatible Mifare 1k Keyfob

Compatible Mifare 1k Keyfob

We have fully automated equipment, advanced card making equipment.

The equipment cost is 3 times higher than that of peers, and the efficiency is high.

Compatible Mifare 1k Keyfob

Compatible Mifare 1k Keyfob, compatible with more than 95% of the banned Elevator swipe-card system, stable and non-demagnetizing, whether it is an Android machine or an Apple machine.

Chip model: optional customization

Low frequency chips (125KHz) that can be packaged: TK4100, EM4200, T5577, Hitag 1, Hitag2, HitagS, etc..

Chip can contact the sales manager for consultation.

Packaged high frequency chips (13.56MHz): FM11RF08, Mifare1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Ultralight,

For other chips such as NTAG203, I-CODE2, TI2048, SRI512, please contact the sales manager for consultation.

Can package UHF chips (860MHz-960MHz): UCODE GEN2, ALIEN H3, IMPINJ M4 and other chips

Contact the Sales Manager for consultation.


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