Pet RFID Animal Microchip with Syringe

animal microchip with syringe have the advantages of high efficiency and speed, data management, accurate recording, improved safety and batch management. They provide more convenient, accurate and efficient solutions for animal management and veterinary care.

Products Name: RFID Animal Microchip
Size: 2.12*12mm
Sample: sample for free
Chip: EM4305


animal microchip with syringe have many advantages that make them useful tools in animal management and veterinary care. Here are some of the advantages of RFID animal syringes:

Unique identification: Each animal’s RFID chip has a unique identification number, allowing the animal to be accurately identified and tracked. This helps ensure proper management and tracking of individual animals.

Efficient and fast: The animal microchip with syringe can quickly read the chip information on the animal, eliminating the need for manual recording or identification. This saves time and effort, making the injection and administration process more efficient.

Data management: animal microchip with syringe are often integrated with computers or data management systems, making it easier to collect, store and manage animal information. These systems can track an animal’s injection records, health status and other important information, helping to develop breeding, health care and disease control strategies.

Accurate Recording: When injecting using an RFID animal syringe, the date, time and drug dose of the injection can be associated with the animal’s identification information. This ensures that each animal’s injection history is accurately recorded, facilitating subsequent tracking and evaluation.

Improved safety: RFID animal syringes can reduce human error because they can verify the animal’s identity and drug dosage, ensuring correct injections. This helps prevent accidental injections or incorrect medication use, improving animal safety and well-being.

Products Name: RFID Animal Microchip

Size: 2.12*12mm

Sample: sample for free

Chip: EM4305

Application: Animal management

Product Introduction

RFID Animal Microchip is a product which is placing a RFID chip into a micro glass tube. Because it has a small size and RFID function. It is widely used for dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Mouse, such small animal implant injection.



Working Frequency





363 bits Read and writable

RF Standard

ISO11784/11785 FDX-B


2.12X 12mm

Operating Distance

2-10cm (base on the reader)

Working Life

> 100,000 times

Working Model

Passive no battery

Operating Temperature

-25℃ ~ 75℃

Stock Temperature

-30℃ ~ 80℃

Size Optional:

Animal Pet RFID Microchip


20pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton

Carton size: 50*40*40cm

GW: 10kg

50pcs/bag 1000pcs/carton
Animal Pet RFID Microchip Animal Pet RFID Microchip


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