Product Introduction:

This 380 RFID Animal Reader is a low frequency tag scanner that adopt wireless identification technology

and it supports reading FDX-A, FDX-B, HDX (SO11784/85) etc. tag.

This scanner use high brightness OLED display which can be seen clearly in

bright light environment. It can store max 20000 records of tag information with

its built-in memory, users can upload the information to the computer through

USB cable.

This product is stable with simple operation which is widely used for lttle animal

management, resource management, railway inspection etc.

Product Parameters:

Working Frequency 134.2Khz
Support Tag FDX-B、FDX-A. HDX (ISO11784/85)
Reading range FDX-B : 2* 12mm tube tag>8cm 30mmr ear tag> 19cm(depends on reading conditior

and device)

FDX-A: 2*12mmtube tag>8cm HDX : 2*1 2mmtube tag>8cm 30mmear tag> 15cm(depends on reading conditior and device)

Standard ISO11784/5
Reading time <100ms
Prompt 128*64 high brightness OLED. Buzzer
Power Supply Li-battery
Consumption 0.4W
Storage capacity 20000 records(UID+ Time)
Battery life >50000 times if full of electricity
Interface USB2.0, Bluetooth
Weight 350g
Language English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese

380 RFID Animal Reader

Display Window:

The device with a 128*64 high brightness OLED display which can display

tag info, time communication mode, storage mode etc.

Automatic shutdown:

In the power on state, there is no operation or data transmission within 30s, and the system will

automatically shut down and enter the sleep state.

Language Settings:

Default language: Chinese.

To change the language, move the "arrow" cursor to the "language

setting" menu, press the "scan" key to enter the language setting menu

and select through the "arrow" cursor.(The language of the device

includes Chinese, English, Russian and Japanese)

Rereading settings:

Move the arrow cursor to the "repeat settings" menu and press scan to switch between "Y" and "N".

(The rereading mode is set to "Y" mode, and the device saves the same or different tag information,

when it is set to "N" mode, the read tag information does not store the current data when the same tag

information is stored in memory, and the buzzer beeps twice.)

Data mark settings:

Move the "arrow" cursor to the "data mark" menu, and press the "scan" key to enter the data mark menu

for marking., default no mark.

(This function is a data mark function. You can set 9 groups of different marks to mark the tag type to be


Data comparison setting:

Move the "arrow" cursor to the "data comparison" menu, press the "scan" key to switch between "Y"" and

"N". After setting the "Y" mode, the device enables the comparison function, and the data read will be

compared with the data imported into the device. If there is the same tag information, the buzzer will

give three prompts.

Buzzer setting:

Move the arrow cursor to the buzzer menu and press scan to switch between Y and N.

("Y "indicates that the buzzer is turned on to the audible mode, and "N" indicates that the buzzer is

turned off to the silent mode.)

Delete data setting:

Move the arrow cursor to the Delete Data menu and press scan three times to delete all data in memory.

(After deleting the data, the data cannot be recovered. Please operate carefully.)

Bluetooth setting:

Move the "arrow" cursor to the "Bluetooth" menu, press the "scan" key to

switch between "Y" and "N", set to "Y" mode, turn on the Bluetooth

function, set to "N" mode, turn off the Bluetooth function .

(After Bluetooth is turned on, you need to use the relevant Bluetooth

device to connect. After the connection is successful, the device will send

the current tag ID number to the relevant Bluetooth device through

Bluetooth every time it reads the tag information)

Resume to default setting:

Move the "arrow" cursor to the "Resume to default setting" menu, press the "scan" key to

Resume to default setting

(This function is convenient for customers to enable in the case of setting wrongly, and restore the

factory settings of the equipment after enabling)

System time setting:

The system time of the device can be set by computer. For the operation method, please refer to the

section "data transmission management"

380 RFID Animal Reader

1. This 380 RFID Animal Reader is an electronic product, which is transported and stored according to the conventional

electrical equipment.

2. Avoid reader falling or impact from high place.

3. Do not put the reader in high temperature, humidity or corrosive environment.

4. Nonprofessionals should not open the reader shell.

5. Please use the data line provided for online operation.

6. Try not to remove the battery back cover frequently.

7. Please take out the battery when it is not used for a long time to avoid battery leakage and corrosion

of circuit board.


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